• Have you peaked in your current position?
• Are you in something that’s going nowhere fast?
• Did you choose a career path that no longer suits you?
• Do you long to do other things, but don’t think you can?
• Are you ready to do something else, but have no idea what it is?
• Have you been laid off or think you might be?
• Do you know what you want, but need to make your job search process more current and strategic?

No matter what your career circumstances are, we help people find their way. We have helped thousands of individuals throughout the country with their career-related needs.

We offer private, confidential, one-to-one sessions for individuals with career exploration/clarification and/or job search needs. We listen thoughtfully and synthesize what we hear to help you develop strategies and create a plan to improve your work life.

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We’re located in Palo Alto, CA. We serve people throughout the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.
If you live outside the area, we offer services throughout the US and other countries via phone & Skype.
We look forward to connecting with you!

Specialties include:

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