• Onboarding
  • Bi-annual career check-ups
  • Handling challenging work situations and people

Career Management is becoming more and more complex in today’s world. People change jobs more frequently due to rapidly changing economics and unforeseen labor market shifts.  Individuals need to know their value separate from their workplace, be ready to make a change and be on the lookout regularly for that next opportunity where they can leverage their strengths.

This requires forward thinking and ongoing career management.  Our philosophy is that it’s ideal to have a career expert in your corner.  Scheduling regular check-ins throughout your ongoing career process will help you reassess your career fit within the current labor market and help you run a more effective job search that generates opportunities.

For assistance with other career needs:

One-to-one career coaching is offered in our Palo Alto, CA office or over the phone and via email and Skype if you live outside the area.  To discuss your specific situation, we invite you to schedule an initial, free 20-minute phone consultation.